Cyber Attack



In the world of daily cyber attacks, one who dabbles in the online world must take a minute and think about how these attacks could affect you as a businessmen and what that could then in turn spell for your customers. It doesn’t matter if you are book store grabbing your customer’s email addresses for a daily mailer or a doctor’s office taking down Medicaid information to make insurance claims, there is someone out there looking to try and compromise your infra-structure and gain that information for themselves.
In 2018 there have been over 30 health care cyber attacks alone. Those attacks accounted for over 7 million health care records to be breached with the largest being in Arizona at 3.7 million records and the smallest being 6,800 in Maryland. As you can see, these attackers care very little with how many records you are keeping; they just want your patient’s information. As you are reading this you might be asking yourself: ‘why are hackers attacking the health care community?’ and that is a very fair question. The health care community collects a multitude of information from their patients that are perfect for traditional financial fraud. Once the hackers have access to your accounts they can then sell your patients social security numbers and payment information to the black market. Not only that the hackers now have the patients health insurance information which allows buys to commit medical fraud. You might be thinking to yourself ‘It’s can’t get any worse!’, but sadly you would be wrong in that thought path. These threat attackers are now imploring a new thing called ransomware. Ransomware is a particularly nasty piece of software that once is gets into your system will use hard-to-break encryption to take all the information in your system and lock it down. You have no access. Zero. Zilch. None. Your system is now a hostage to these hackers and until you pay them the sum of money (or Bitcoin) they are ask or information will not be released. So you do all you can do to secure your network. Things are going well. You’re deflecting attackers left and right, you’re in the clear, right? Wrong. Hackers are now targeting medical devices that are connected to the world wide web. A pace maker, a drug pump, or even a heart monitor that has been compromised could have potentially life-threatening consequences for patients.


Peace of Mind

It’s a dangerous world out there for the health care world. The biggest thing a company can do to stop these kinds of things is to at least have awareness of the threat. If you don’t know it’s out there, you can’t do anything to stop it. If you can’t stop it, you are always a target. If you are a target, you company is in danger or not only losing money, but losing business and that is but the perfect combination for the death rattle that is going out of business. No one wants that. Elect Data Solutions will work diligently to provide solutions to you, the reader, to make things as difficult for these hackers as possible to get access to your company and in turn your patients. When you think of EDS you can think Peace of Mind.



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Gene Webb Cyber Security Specialist & US Army Veteran