Our Services

Managed Services

Handling the daily operations of your company’s specialized services and applications

Low Voltage Cable Installs

Installation of low voltage wiring (i.e. anything with 50 volts or less)

Managed Disaster Recovery Solutions

Restores your company’s data and critical systems in the event of a software or hardware failure, natural disaster, accidental data loss, ransomware attack, or another unexpected event

Managed Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Solutions

Installation of these productivity tools to help your company perform common business tasks using a web browser (i.e. managing emails and calendars, creating documents, etc.)

Managed Antivirus and Cyber Security Solutions

Handles all implementations, updates, and ongoing antivirus tasks for your company

Network Monitoring

Monitors your company’s computer network for problems such as slow traffic or component failure

Systems Maintenance

Handles your company’s system hardware or software upgrades, repairs, patches, and configuration changes

Network Design and Build

Plans and implements a computer network infrastructure for your company

Computer Repair

Identifies, troubleshoots, and resolves problems and issues in a faulty computer

Server Repair

Handles the optimization and repair of your company’s server hardware

Website Build and Maintenance

Creates your company’s website and monitors your website’s overall health and performance

On-Premises & Hosted Business Phone Systems

Installation of a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system in your company’s physical building

Technology Consulting

Works with a company to help them transform the way they use technology in their business